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Recruiting with Linkedin


We promote your jobs

Want to reach passive and active talent, and offer them a job they almost can’t resists? Through an effective target group analysis, job analysis, and market analysis we will create a strategic insight for the creation of your advertisement design. Afterwhich interested candidates will go through your funnel.

Talent Selection

We sellect the best candidates for you

Looking for the perfect candidate to join your organsation? Look no further than our Talent selection techniques. With effective applications we will send you preselected candidates in list or e-mail format. Thanks to our effective screening process and focus on quality, you can be sure to select candidates for interviews.

How to motivate others as a leader

Website Development

From landing pages to ATS Connection

Need a website, or something that converts your target group into candidates quickly, like a landing page? Based on converting effective and conversion based website building, we can make something that will work for you and your organisation. With our experience you can will receive candidates effectively using some of our tested and tried techniques.