7 Reasons why recruitment is a great profession

No matter what the economy is doing, companies are always in need of good recruiters. Recruitment is a great profession because it offers job security, variety, and plenty of opportunities for advancement. Here are seven reasons why recruitment is such a great profession:

1. Help others find their dream job

Working in recruitment means that you get to be a part of someone else’s success story. Every day, you speak to candidates who are looking for a new opportunity to progress in their careers. It’s up to you to help them find the perfect role that matches their skills and aspirations. There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing you’ve helped someone else achieve their dreams.

Recruitment helps people to find their dream job

2. Learn a lot about the industry you are recruiting for

Within recruitment, you typically will work for a company that operates in a specific industry. This way you can learn everything there is to know about that sector and become an expert on the subject. Not only will this make you more knowledgeable, but it will also give you a competitive edge when sourcing candidates for clients. For example, within engineering, you will learn about the different types of engineers, the work they do and what skills are required for each role. This will make you an expert on the subject and better equipped to find the right candidates for each role.

Working in recruitment you will learn about new topics always

3. Use your people skills every day

As a recruiter, you will speak to people from all walks of life daily. This means that you get to use your people skills regularly, which can be very rewarding. In addition, your people skills will also come in handy when dealing with difficult clients or challenging hiring managers. You will learn how to efficiently manage your time, as well as how to deal with different personalities.

4. Essential for business expansion

Without recruiters, organizations would struggle to find the right candidates for their open positions, and eventually can’t expand their success. This way you will be an essential part of business expansion and get to see the company you’re working for grow before your eyes. Making both managers and job seekers happy is a great feeling and will make you feel proud of your career choice.

5. Earning potential

Earning potential is great within recruitment as your salary will typically be commission-based. This means that the harder you work, the more money you can earn. In addition, many companies offer bonuses and other perks, such as company cars, which can make the job even more rewarding.

6. Work independently

Another great thing about working in recruitment is that you can often work independently. You can be responsible for the management of the company and the sourcing of candidates, which can be very rewarding. This level of responsibility can teach you a lot of new skills and help you progress in your career.

How to finish what you start

7. Progress quickly

Within recruitment, there are plenty of progression opportunities. If you work hard and prove yourself, you will likely be promoted to a senior position faster than you would in other professions. For example, you could progress from being a Recruitment Consultant to a Senior Consultant, Sales Manager, to eventual Business manager level.

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Recruitment is a great profession because it offers job security, variety, and plenty of opportunities for advancement. If you’re looking for a career that is both rewarding and challenging, then recruitment could be the perfect choice for you.