Talent Selection

Talent is selected based on the preferences of your organization.

We can help you find the right people for your organization. With the help of our unique recruitment process, we can identify, select, and send through the talent you are really looking for. Whether you need them in an ATS, Mailbox, or simple spreadsheet online. Next to this, getting applications from people that don’t fit job requirements can now be thing of the past with our intelligent candidate filtering processes.

Active filtering based on job requirements

Ensure time efficiency within the recruitment process as well as accuracy in terms of finding the right person for your organization.

Data-driven approach to talent selection

We can make fast and reliable decisions by using theory, experience, and data to ensure that you get the best talent for your organization

User interface with easy navigation

Our design focuses on simplicity and clarity to make sure that you can use our system with ease.

What do we offer

Whether you need a recruiter to help with selection, get a automatic pre selection or just need an easy to use interface – we can provide you with the perfect solution. Our services include applicant tracking systems, job board integration and analytics tools.

Our experience

We have broad experience and can find any type of candidate. From airport security to accountants, and mechanical engineers to life science operators. With our experience we are comfortable taking any type of recruitment marketing challenge head-on.


Our pricing depends on the complexity and requirements of each project. We do have a range of packages to choose from, so contact us to find the package that fits your needs. We can work both on an hourly rate and on a project-based fee. Reach out to us, and our account manager will discuss the options.

Industries we work in

Whether international or local, from technology to healthcare and financial service to engineering, we have experience in a vast amount of industries and can adapt the knowledge we have towards all type of industries to make an effective campaign.

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