Creative Recruitment: A Way To Attract Top Talent

Filling vacant positions in this tight labor market requires you to use a range of creative recruiting ideas to differentiate yourself from other recruiting agencies. Some alternatives include employee referral programs and job boards. In this article, you will find some tips and tricks to master creative recruitment and attract top talent.

What is creative recruitment?

Creative recruitment is any recruiting strategy that encourages new and innovative ways to bring in top talent for an organization. This could include implementing employee referral programs, using online platforms -such as LinkedIn or Twitter-, creating videos about the company’s culture, posting job offers, using niche candidate networks, hosting job fairs specifically tailored to your target audience, using targeted employee recruiting campaigns, and investing in employee education programs.

Why is creativity important in a recruitment process?

Creativity is important in the recruitment process because it allows companies to stand out from the competition and attract more qualified candidates. 

With that in mind, creative recruitment strategies can help employers easily find potential applicants that are the best fit for their company, as well as engage with passive job seekers who may not have otherwise applied. Investing in employee education programs and employee referral bonuses can also help create an employee-centric recruitment process that encourages employee engagement.

To carry out a creative recruitment process, it is a good idea to create a career page for your company on its website that allows potential applicants to understand the company’s culture and mission before applying.

Creative recruiting strategies are becoming increasingly important as the labor market continues to tighten. Having creative ideas when it comes to job postings, employee referrals, and job fairs can help attract more applicants and ensure that companies are able to reach a broad audience.

How can I make recruitment more fun?

Making the recruitment process more fun can help to attract and retain top talent. Below, you will find a list with some ideas to include in your company’s next recruitment process:

  • offer employee referral bonuses
  • host virtual job fairs
  • utilize social media campaigns
  • create a company culture video to share with potential candidates
  • offer employee education programs

Furthermore, inviting some of your current employees to join in on the recruitment process by writing employee testimonials or sharing their employee stories can be a great way to showcase company culture and engage with potential candidates.

Positive Work Culture

17 creative recruitment strategies

Employee referral program

The employee referral program can be a powerful tool for identifying quality potential candidates. In other words, encouraging employee referrals can be an effective way to meet new candidates as trusted employees have researched and recommended them. With an employee referral program, you make sure the candidates’ skills and character have been assessed by those who know them best.

Company culture

Having an appealing employee culture is essential for employee retention and employee satisfaction. Highlight unique features about your company, such as employee-driven initiatives or a flexible working schedule, to attract top talent.

Look for potential candidates

Look for potential candidates beyond job boards, such as niche candidate networks or your employee’s social media connections. These resources can provide you with newly identified talent that may not have been exposed to your postings yet.

Recruitment strategy

Create a recruiting strategy tailored to what your company is looking for and ensure it meets the candidates’ needs as well. This can include leveraging employee referrals, creating job postings that target specific job titles, and utilizing applicant tracking systems.

Recruiting Process

Streamline the recruiting process to ensure that potential candidates don’t feel overwhelmed or confused by the process. Communicate expectations early, utilize clear job descriptions and postings, and be timely with feedback.


Headhunters are professional recruiters who specialize in finding executive-level candidates for companies. If you’re looking for someone with specific skills or experience, a headhunter can help you find the right person for the job. Headhunters typically charge a fee for their services, but they can save you a lot of time and energy in the long run.

Online Job Board

Online job boards are another great resource for finding qualified candidates. Sites like Indeed, Monster, and Craigslist have thousands of job postings from companies all over the world. You can search for candidates based on their location, skills, and experience level.

Creative recruitment is key to find new talents

Job posting

This is a great way to show job openings to potential candidates. Include an accurate job description and clearly outline the qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of the position. This will ensure that you attract the most qualified candidates. A good idea is to list your job postings on Google Jobs. Although it requires some serious search engine optimization (SEO), it will help you attract candidates with the right skills.

Job Fairs

Job fairs are an excellent way to meet potential candidates in person. At these events, employers meet job seekers and have the possibility to speak face-to-face. It is a good opportunity for candidates to fill out resumes and ask relevant questions about the various positions available.

Applicant tracking system

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software application that helps recruitment teams manage the hiring process. Use it to streamline the recruitment process and track employee progress throughout the hiring process.

Networking Events

Networking events are another great way to meet potential candidates in person. Attend events that are relevant to your industry and strike up conversations with the people you meet. You never know who you might meet and what kind of connections you might make.

Optimize your career page

A professional careers page is essential for any business looking to attract top talent. An effective career page should have a clear description of the company’s mission and employee benefits, as well as links to job postings and employee testimonials.

Create compelling job descriptions

Writing the job description can be a crucial step in the hiring process. Make sure the job description is clear, concise, and informative. You want to attract the best candidates for the position and make them interested in applying. Include specific skills, qualifications, and traits that are necessary for the position and a detailed list of duties and responsibilities.

Recruiting university students

If you’re looking for young, fresh, talented candidates, consider targeting university students. Advertise in college newspapers, and on-campus job boards, or even participate in career fairs to find the best candidates for your open positions.

Contact a personal email address

When making your initial outreach to a potential candidate, do your absolute best to find their personal, rather than corporate, email address. Some people view it as unprofessional to be solicited for a new job from their work account and will not respond even if the opportunity is a good fit. Others have a legitimate concern that their email accounts are monitored and do not want to risk getting outed by their IT department for using company time to find another job.

Encourage past employees to return

Some people’s best job is their former job seekers. A former employee will know the company and culture more than new candidates. Looking for past employees is often a quick and simple way to hire an employee for an internship. In addition, since they’re familiar with the company, qualified past candidates often are not required to undertake long interviews to get into it.

Create a recruitment video

A video will be perfect to communicate your message. This has become one of the main features of a job profile. Companies use videos to show their employees’ lifestyles. A recruitment video is a great way to make your company stand out from the crowd and express its values. By showing potential employees what it’s like to work in your organization, you can attract more qualified candidates.

A word from SublimePeople

It’s difficult to come up with new and innovative ways to find top talent, but hopefully, the tips and tricks we’ve shared will help you get started. Have you tried any of these methods for recruiting new employees? What has been your experience? Let us know in the comments below!